Easter ride

With no family in town to spend Easter with and the weather looking favorable, Bugman and I figured a tandem bike ride would be a good plan for the day.

The day before, Bugman changed out our wimpy front inner tube for one resistant to puncturevine. (He would have changed out the back tube, too, but we couldn’t figure out how to remove the rear wheel with the dual belt drives we have on the bike. We decided that if we got a flat, we’d post a pathetic message on Facebook and hope someone would come rescue us.)

Bugman needed to reinflate the changed inner tube. This is where we truly learned about the difference between Schrader and Presta valves. Car tires and our commuter bike tires have Schrader valves. Our floor bike pump is for Schrader valves. We got an adapter to allow our new bike’s Presta valves to use a Schrader pump … but it wouldn’t work. With the bike shop being closed, we had only one option if we wanted to ride the next day: pump up the tires to 120 psi with a Presta hand pump. I do not recommend this.

Bugman using a Presta hand pump, our Schrader floor pump languishing in the background.

Bugman using a Presta hand pump, our Schrader floor pump languishing in the background.

We wanted to start to get some miles in, to prepare for our tour this summer. I used a mapping tool to discover what destinations might lie within a 20-mile radius. There was Chimney Rock, but that would have meant biking home west, against the predicted wind. We decided to head to the Wyoming state line, and have a picnic in the park in Lyman (population 341). I figured if I could drive a tractor that far, we could bike that far!

Since it was Easter, we had some special treats for our journey:

gummy bunnies, peanut butter eggs, and - of course - sport beans

gummy bunnies, peanut butter eggs, and – of course – sport beans

We also brought along two hard-boiled eggs apiece. Did you know that hard-boiled eggs fit perfectly into those pockets in the back of a bike jersey?

It was great to be out in the country on a bike on such a nice day. We watched hawks and listened to meadowlarks. We got a photo at the state line, and paused to pick about a dozen puncturevine seeds (AKA goatheads) out of our tires, which we had picked up when we rolled the bike off the road for the photo opportunity. (No punctures! Yay!!)


There was just one more thing that would have made our ride better … sunscreen. I burned triangles into my forehead from my helmet vents, and you can see the notch from my capri hem imaged onto my calf in white-on-red. D’oh!

Our stats for the ride: 46.69 miles, 1,530 feet of climb

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


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