Pre-run meal, turning back

Today Bugman and I ran 8 training miles. My pace was somewhere around 12:30 minutes per mile, which is embarrassing to me, as I used to be about 2 minutes per mile faster. BUT, as folks keep reminding me, I am lapping everybody on the couch!

My leg muscles were all tired afterward, but I think I was able to keep up the pace thanks in part to a new “miracle” breakfast food I have discovered: steel-cut oatmeal with Reeses Pieces. You get the protein in the peanut butter, a blast of sugar, and some oaty fiber to even out the sugar uptake. I have never purposely bought Reeses Pieces, that I can recall (I generally prefer chocolate with my peanut butter), but I happened to have home some of the candies as part of a candy bouquet I nabbed at a charity silent auction the night before. I think I just might buy them on purpose in the future . . .

The route I chose this morning crossed back on the Monument Valley Pathway twice. I enjoy running on the pathway and looking out on the (currently very, very low) North Platte River and the waterfowl and other birds along its banks. The city has recently installed some some neat signs along the river pathway that tell of the history of the area, in English and in Spanish. Many of the signs refer to the Oregon Trail pioneers and early settlers. One of the signs is titled something like “Turn back?” in reference to the difficult choices the pioneers faced. As a runner, I decided I would prefer not to see a sign that puts the idea of turning back in my head. It’s hard enough to keep putting one foot in front of the other without subliminal messages about quitting!

It’s funny, but we can’t seem to go out in this town without running into somebody we know. Our route today took us past the humane society shelter, where one of Bugman’s colleagues was out in the yard with his family, test-driving a couple of dogs. Out on 20th Street, a pickup truck slowed down, and we recognized the driver as our friend Kathi of Open A Bar 2 Ranch, who heads up the winter farmers market.

Oatmeal, peanut butter, history, scenery, friends – add to that sunshine and a nice breeze, and you have yourself a perfect day for a run!

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


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