Spring snow: the ultimate cross-training experience

Ah, Wyobraska weather … late Monday morning it was 61 degrees and clear skies. Twenty-four hours later, it was 13 degrees and the ground was covered in blowing and drifting snow. (No tandem cycling for a while!)

The warm weather we’ve had heated up the ground enough that even though the temps plummeted, the radiant heat melted the snow from underneath. This made for difficult shoveling during our little spring blizzard. The bottom layer of snow was always slush, no matter how many times I went out and re-shoveled.

According to the Internet, a shovelful of snow can weigh anywhere between 5  to 62 pounds. I think my slushy shovelsful were closer to the upper end of that range. With the distance I had to push and hoist all that snow (we have a longish driveway directly next to the house, so we have to push the snow most of the way down the driveway to the front yard), I probably burned about 1,000 calories.

I did not run today. I hoisted.

Photo courtesy of Bugman

Photo courtesy of Bugman

It was a great workout for my core muscles and arms, and there were a few leg muscles sore from my Monday run that I noticed I was using, too.

I need to do more activities like that.

I have a bad habit.

When I run, I do just that: run.

I don’t like going to the gym. I don’t like lifting weights.

But I need to.

Some people can just go out and run and be fine.

Not me.

I always manage to hurt myself.

Knee, ankle, hip, shin – I’ve injured them all.

If I’m going to make this marathon thing happen, I need to change my bad habit and start doing strengthening exercises regularly.

I consulted a personal trainer, and she confirmed. I’m seeing a chiropractor, and he confirmed. I NEED TO BE DOING STRENGTHENING EXERCISES.

But I have a really hard time getting myself to do the prescribed workout.


Maybe I should be soliciting funds for every squat and plank set and leg lift I do. A dime apiece, maybe?

“Ten stepups! Yes!! That’s another dollar for my museum project!”

I could see that being a motivator…

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


2 thoughts on “Spring snow: the ultimate cross-training experience

  1. The snow definitely changed my running plans this week too, especially because I love running on the dirt/gravel county roads. Maybe mud running counts as cross-training? I go to yoga because I know that otherwise I tend to not stretch well or do any kind of strength training.

    In college, my crew team always held an annual ergathon where people sponsored us to row, and it was a great fundraiser. You could hold a squat-a-thon or something similar to raise funds for the museums merger (involving staff and volunteers and such).

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