Springs on my feet

My last post about running lamented my difficult long run. I subsequently received several comments reminding me that we all have “good run days” and “bad run days” and to focus on and celebrate the good run days.

Friday was a good run day.

I’d had a really long day at work, so I didn’t get to head out until 8:30 pm.

You’d think that at 8:30 pm on a Friday night after a long day, when everyone else around me was unwinding and celebrating the start of the weekend, I would be in a poor frame of mind and would have a crummy run.

True, I did have trouble forcing myself out the door.

But as I started into the first block of my 3-mile run, something felt different.

I felt light, like I had suddenly gotten new running shoes that had springs in them.

Maybe it was because I knew I was “only” scheduled to run 3 miles.

Maybe it was because I had eaten a sandwich about a half-hour before heading out.

Maybe it was my new socks. They made my feet feel more resilient, somehow.

I love my Smartwool socks.

I love my Smartwool socks.

Whatever the reason, I ran fairly easily, and recorded a speedy-for-me average pace – 10:56. (That includes the pauses at stoplights.)

And so – I pause to celebrate my good run. Yaaaay, me!

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


One thought on “Springs on my feet

  1. New socks are kind of like new shoes…they still have that springy feeling to them that makes you feel as though you’re wearing Hermes’ shoes with the little wings on them.

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