Back on the bandwagon

I skipped a run.

I was too tired.

I skipped another run.

It was too hot outside.

I skipped my long weekend run.

I had to work. I was too tired. It was too windy out. And, besides – I was going for a long bike ride.

My anxiety about running grew.

I missed so many runs. Would I lose all the gains I’d made?

I did not want to run. Running is hard.

But last night after work, my dear Bugman said, “It’s a nice night for a run …”

We went for a run.

I was creaky and had small pains and ran slowly. My hip is annoyingly achy now.

But I ran!

Bonus: I got to experience the North Platte River at dusk.

NP riverThere are some people who run for the sheer joy of it.

I have some days like that.

But most days, it is a real struggle for me.

Running is hard.

I am so grateful that I have people to support and encourage me. I could not do this without them.

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


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