Riding fuel

Because one of our first long rides was on Easter, Bugman and I started a habit of stopping for a snack of hard-boiled eggs as a snack midway through our routes.

The eggs, dusted with a little salt and pepper, tasted very, very good after an extended period of exertion.

Until they didn’t.

I have never really been fond of hard-boiled eggs. On our ride two weeks ago, I began to develop an aversion. Last week, I managed to choke down an egg and vowed to find a new mid-ride refuel.

I like the tangy saltiness of Jelly Belly Sport beans. Amy’s gummy bunnies (but not Life Saver gummies) work for me, too. However, when we’re out riding for hours, we need to bring along something a but more meal-like than a quick energy burst.

On other rides, Goldfish crackers and salted nut rolls were divine. Granola bars are pretty standard. String cheese got too warm by the time we stopped for a bite.

This weekend, longing for a tapas restaurant (I used to live within walking distance of one, but now the closest one is 2 1/2 hours away), Bugman and I dined on almonds and garlic-stuffed olives on the deck of the Wildcat Hills Nature Center.

The salty olives were sooo gooood after sweating up that big hill! (15.33 miles, 1,039 feet of climb)

The salty olives were sooo gooood after sweating up that big hill! (15.33 miles, 1,039 feet of climb)

I get the feeling I would burn out on the almond-and-olive thing pretty quickly, so I’m trying to think of some more packable, convenient, non-melty foods to help fuel our long rides this summer.

Suggestions welcomed!

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7 thoughts on “Riding fuel

  1. We like Oreos, cheesy Pringles (nice and salty) and the Keebler snack crackers with peanut butter and cheese. All of these are more snacky type foods, but we’ve found that eating solid foods while riding is a lite taxing on our guts…I can’t wait to see what other suggestions you get!!

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I like the Pringles idea – comes in its own crush-proof can!

      I think I am looking for more substantial, small-meal foods to carry because we are focusing more on touring than racing with our riding. We expect to be out all day and take several leisurely breaks, so we’d have time to digest.

  2. Whoo! Getting lots of suggestions from my friends on Facebook!
    “On hot days those little cans of V8 are lifesavers. Boiled small red potatoes can hit the spot too.”
    “Bananas. PROS: Compostable wrapper, simple, but requisite: must like bananas. CON: little protein. Would yogurt pretzels melt?”

  3. Back in New Hampshire when I was doing a lot of distance riding I loved cheese and avocado and summer sausage and cheese sandwiches, either made on small bread or cut sandwiches so they were easier to pack and eat. Also applesauce muffins (packed with raisins), apples, and Lara bars. One of my fellow riders swore by the brown rice sharkies that they sell at Target, and they’re pretty great (similar to Annie’s gummy snacks).

    For the most part, if I could fit it in the pouch of my bike jersey, my stomach could handle it during a bike ride, even in the middle of summer (granted summer in NH is a bit different than summer here…) The only thing that miserably failed was a carrot…and I’ve never taken bananas along except in a pb and banana sandwich because they bruise easily and poke you in the back. I’d suggest experimenting and seeing what works for you.

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