17 miles, 5am, encouragement from friends

This morning, I got up at 3:45 am so I’d be awake enough to head out the door by 5 am to get 17 miles done before it got too hot.

I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to complete the run.

Because of my bike tour last week (still working on the epic blog post for that epic ride), I had not run for 12 days. When I ran 8 miles four days ago, my muscles were pretty sore. I was still sore this morning.

But my friends on social media encouraged me.

May be in trouble. My 8 miles yesterday left me sore, but I’m supposed to do SEVENTEEN this weekend. Pathetic how quickly I lost my conditioning during those 12 days off running while I traveled and biked.

Friend 1: All about momentum. The first step is always the hardest.

Friend 2: Hang in there, I’m told it comes back faster.

Friend 3: I’d just try and relax and run the 17 as well as you can. I bet even if you are sore this week it will pass soon. You just needed this week to break everything back in.

Friend 4: Just take it nice and easy and you’ll be fine. … You’ve got this Katie!

And I got a surprise package from a friend in Colorado: a fuel belt, so I could “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.” That was definitely a motivator.

And my dear Bugman, who is NOT a morning person, got up and ran with me and encouraged me when, at mile 15, my thigh muscles turned into meaty chunks of pain. (I heart ibuprofen.)

This morning was the first time I’d needed a headlamp when running.

There are some cool things about starting a run at o’dark-thirty.

Yes, the temperature, of course.

But there was also the rooster crowing, followed by the hooting of a pair of great horned owls whose silhouettes we spotted in a tree near the river, followed by return hooting from another pair of owls some distance away, followed by the booming of the lions and the cry of the peacocks at the zoo, followed by this:

Photo courtesy of Bugman.

Photo courtesy of Bugman.

That’s one thing marathon training over the summer does for you – gives you lots of opportunities to appreciate the beauty of early morning.

Thank you, Denée, Cec, Laura, Michelle, Maggie, Jeff, TR, and all you other folks who have helped me and encouraged me on this crazy marathon journey.

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


3 thoughts on “17 miles, 5am, encouragement from friends

  1. Just paying forward all the help and encouragement I got last year when training for my first marathon. And plotting to stow away in your suitcase so I can come cheer you on in person at your marathon…

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