Bloody running

This blog post has no photos. (You’re welcome.) The post title is both literal and derogatory.

Google second definition of “bloody”:

1. Brit.informal, used to express anger, annoyance, or shock, or simply for emphasis. “took your bloody time”

2. Brit.dated, unpleasant or perverse. “don’t be too bloody to poor Jack”

During my 18-mile run this weekend, I noticed a strange bright color soaked into the tip of my shoe. Did I kick some juicy red berries?

When I got done running and took my shoe off, i discovered that my sock was soaked with blood.

I never did feel pain from it, but apparently a toenail was prised up from the repetitive impact of running.

The pain I DID feel hit when I got into the shower.

Sweat salt running off into chafe wounds – aaaughhhh!

Ever since I exceeded about 3 hours out on the course (recall, I am a slower runner), my clothing has started eating through my skin. Last run, I tried using some anti-chafe chamois butter to prevent the problem, but no dice.

Hoping I can find a way around this newest trouble!

Ah, marathon training . . .

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


2 thoughts on “Bloody running

  1. Have you tried wearing your bike clothes for a long run? My favorite running tank is actually a bike tank, and it’s low-cut enough under the arms that it doesn’t rub at all. And thinly padded bike shorts can be great too, especially as they don’t move up and down your legs the way running shorts do (on me at least).

    However, I must also say that chafing has never been a problem for me, just as blisters were never a problem when I was a rower. So perhaps I’m not the best person to offer anti-chafing advice. Good luck!

    • I haven’t tried biking clothes. My overall trouble is oversensitive skin, I think, and the restrictive garment known as a bra is always troublesome. I can’t abide underwires or seams. I’ve been just fine with my collection of seamless bras until now, when they suddenly started eating through my skin. I’m going to test a hypothesis on my next long run, though. I recently started using a fuel belt to carry water. Maybe the belt changes my gait just enough to cause my chafing problem? It started about the time I got the fuel belt. Odd that something around my waist would affect the skin on my chest, but we’ll see . . .

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