Lovely autumn day for a run

It was a little hard for me to get out the door yesterday for an 8-miler solo. Guess I ought to try to get the community running group going again. There’s interest – just needs a push, I think.

But I’m glad I got out the door. Beautiful day!

It was 35 degrees at the start, with absolutely no wind for once. The steam plume from the sugar factory went straight up into the sky.

It was a good day for listening: zoo lion booming; blue jay, flicker, kingfisher calling; coal train, airplane roaring.

And hundreds of Canada geese honking along the North Platte River flyway.

flying geeseThey’re all on the move to their wintering grounds south. The ones that manage to dodge hunters’ guns, that is. Hunting season is open, and each day breaks with the pop of shotgun fire.

The smart geese hang out on waterways in town, where the hunters can’t go.

town geeseThanks to a few snows, hard freezes, and high winds, the trees have all been stripped of their fall color already.

It feels really good that, after an 8 mile run, I still had the energy to bake cabbage burgers, to climb up and down a ladder to clean the gutters on the house, and to rake leaves until it got too dark to see.

I don’t miss the hot summer weather, but, boy, do I miss the long daylight of summer!

Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw


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