Thank you, two random runners

I had not run since December 8*.

This seems somewhat incredible, given that I had completed a marathon on October 28 and a half-marathon on November 30.

I am a runner. Running has become part of my identity.

But I think I got a bit burned out with the marathon training. And I got sick over Christmas. And there was always snow/ice on the ground. And it was too dark out. And I was too busy. And, and, and . . . .

My friends not offering to drag me out for a run was not an excuse. I had plenty of offers.

But I just didn’t feel ready.

I especially felt unready to make a commitment to run with a buddy given that there was a chance I might not be able to finish the route or might slow my running partner down.

I needed to do this on my own.

I had plans this evening to watch a movie while riding the stationary bike. (You can burn the calorie equivalent of a Big Mac that way, you know.)

But as I was driving home from work across the Five Rocks Road / Avenue I bridge, I spotted a couple running east on the Monument Valley Pathway alongside the North Platte River.

The sight of those two runners sparked a conversation in my head.

Look at them running. What a nice day to be running. I wish I could go for a run. Wait a minute. I’m planning to go ride a stationary bike in the basement on a day like this? That’s dumb! I should go for a run instead. Yeah. I think I’ll go for a run.

And so I did.

An 11:28 5K - a better pace than I thought I'd hit after 3 months of not running.

An 11:28 5K – a better pace than I thought I’d hit after 3 months of not running.

Thank you, two random runners, for inspiring me and freeing me from my non-running inertia.


*Not counting the time I ran to the pizza joint a half-mile form my house because I was late meeting someone.

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


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