Biker gang

Sometimes I can be a smartarse.

The other day when I biked to work, a non-cycling co-worker asked me why I wore a band around my ankle when I rode by bike.

velcro strap

“Oh, that shows my bike gang affiliation,” I said. “You can tell gang membership by the strap color and the ankle it’s on.”

. . .

“I’m kidding!” I said, in response to the bewildered look on my co-worker’s face. “It’s just to keep my pant leg from getting caught up in my greasy bike chain.”

I have to put a plug in for safety and emergency preparedness, while I’m at it.

The ankle band I wear is reflective (one more thing to help drivers see me in the dark!).

It also has a metal tag containing my vital stats and contact info for Bugman and my parents. I wear a similar tag on my shoe when I’m out running. You just never know when an accident might occur, and I’d prefer the emergency responders to have a little bit of info about me in case I can’t communicate.

If you bike and run on a regular basis, I’d highly recommend investing in one. Road ID is my source.

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


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