The alpacalypse ride

On a lovely sunny weekday a couple of weeks ago when the temps climbed into the 70s, Bugman and I decided to take up a friend’s offer, posted to Facebook after I shared our last post-work ride.

“You would most certainly be welcome at the Netherlands’ . . . as the crow flies, it is a couple miles due north of where you were.”

She gave directions, and then added, “You cannot miss the cuteness at the barn.”

Alpaca cuteness, that is. She raises the long-legged, long-necked furballs.

Glad for a new suggestion for a destination, I tried giving my friend a call to warn her of our visit, but she didn’t answer. Oh well . . . we could still ride by to see where she lives. With the day waning, we wouldn’t have much time to chat anyway.

We wouldn’t likely complete the 16-mile round-trip before the sun set as it was.

I made sure we were decked out with two flashing tail lights, a headlight, a reflective “slow vehicle” triangle, and brightly colored gear (a blaze-orange fleece vest for Bugman, screaming orange arm warmers for me), and off westward we went.

Here was Bugman, nearly at our destination, crossing the BNSF railroad tracks. (Was NOT going to ride over gravel and across and unprotected rail crossing.)

crossing the tracks

And then . . .

alpacalypseWe saw the alpaca cuteness! And the alpacas stared.

What in the world is that thing? Might it have tasty food for us?

“What in the world is that thing? Might it have tasty food for us?”

As we turned around to head back home, they stared some more.

still staring

“Oh, my. There it goes. No tasty food this time. Next time, we will stare harder.”

Sunset tinted the bluffs . . .

bluff at sunset

and we pedaled home like fiends, arriving in the driveway at about 7:45 p.m.

Bugman and I did such a diligent job of pedaling, my GPS popped up an award for “fastest 11-21-mile bike ride.”

major award

It’s not much, but I don’t get speed awards very often. I’ll take it!


Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


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