Hooray, Bike to Work Week, Day 3!

Today, on Day 3 of Bike to Work Week (day 2 for me), I celebrate one of the reasons I two-wheel commute.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about biking to work are the routes that lead me past fragments of the natural world.

Always, water is the backdrop.

Once, in Iowa, rolling at speed down towards the South Skunk River, a whitetail deer emerged from the wood just beside the path. (Panic!! In a collision, the deer would definitely win!) The deer bounced back into the trees, unfazed.

In Illinois, I found friends along Copper Slough: the muskrat, the heron, the red-winged blackbird.

Here in Wyobraska, Terry’s Lake is a favorite in the mornings.

On April 10, the lake was peppered with dozens of cormorants:


Not the greatest early-morning-iPhone photo, but you get the jist.

The following day, a gliding raptor crossed my path as I headed south past the lake. As I turned west I saw the raptor again, wriggling fish in talons, being pursued by a half-dozen gulls. Diving for fish? Likely an osprey.

Maybe one day the Terry’s Lake moose will come back.

Here is a photo of this morning’s commute, next to the lake.

tlake pic

The odd grimace-smile is the result of trying to hold my phone to take a picture while the sun glared into my eyes.

I saw the raptor again this morning. I can confirm it was an osprey. Didn’t get a picture, though. Wasn’t fast enough.

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


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