Bike to Work Week thoughts, Day 4

On Bike to Work Week Day 4 (Day 3 for me), I celebrate another thing I like about biking to work: what it does to my brain. Biking is mind-expanding.

I don’t know if it’s the outside time, the fresh air, the slightly longer commute time, the act of movement, or the increased oxygen getting to my brain (or maybe all of the above), but I tend to do some of my best thinking while I’m pedaling.

It’s like my internal censor goes quiet, freeing my thoughts to roam.

“The goldfinch in spring sounds like it’s asking questions. tee-YEE? tee-YEE? Kind of like me. Always asking questions.”

“That article I read this morning about the oncologist witnessing his wife die of cancer was pretty intense. And how she insisted on continuing to go to work while she was sick, to try to feel ‘normal.’ How would I respond to a serious illness?”

“Those folks over there, lined up for the food aid truck. I wonder how many people are ignorant of their existence. Of the fact that a lot of people just can’t seem to catch a break. I’m really lucky to be where I am in life. It could all be a lot different.”

“That cat that chased the nasty dog away from the poor kid in that video – that cat rocked. Understandable, but kind of a shame the original video was taken down to edit out the pictures of the kid’s injuries. I think the gross images drove home how awful the dog attack really was. I sure hope that dog over there doesn’t get out of its fence. Dogs don’t like cyclists.”

“That young couple over there, out walking their dogs on leashes. They are so cute, taking pictures of that blossoming tree with their cell phones. That’s the way the digital generation lives. Capturing and sharing the little moments in life. We really need to play that up at the museum. Get people to do our marketing work for us on social media.”

My co-workers are probably familiar with the phrase: “I was thinking on my ride in to work today / ride home from work yesterday and . . .”

It’s how the idea for the “gallery in a box” camp was hatched.

Oh yeah, bike to work – need to post a picture for the WNCB BTWW thing.

Me, headed home form work today. Photo courtesy of my mom, who's in town visiting. Thanks, mom!

Me, headed home from work today. Photo courtesy of my mom, who’s in town visiting. Thanks, mom!

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


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