Monument Marathon and its western Nebraska scenery

Hey, marathon registration procrastinators – sign up TODAY (May 31, 2014) for the September 27, 2014 Monument Marathon or half and save 10 bucks on registration: . The prices go up tomorrow! Here is a post I wrote in the leadup to the inaugural race in 2012.

SCB Citizen

This weekend, I depleted my glycogen stores and “hit the wall” on a 26.2-mile bike ride along the course of the October Platte Valley Companies Monument Marathon (I’m a little out of shape at the moment), just so I could show the world how beautiful the course is.

This will be a lengthy blog post, due to all the pictures. I’ll link to other blog posts as the course passes things to see and do in the area that I have written about previously. (Note: the course is a bit different for the half marathon, obviously. Maybe once I recover from this ride, I’ll do another post on the half marathon course.)

Check out the official webpage for the marathon here. Sign up and start training now! The marathon (and half) is October 13, 2012!

Racers will be shuttled up to the Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area.

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