“You don’t squirt random people!”

My workout for Juneathon Day 2 was biking to work. It’s 10.8 miles round trip, which was plenty for my bum, which was still kind of sore from yesterday’s 50-miler.

Today was a horrible day to be at work, but a great day to ride.

bike shadow

Temps never broke 80 degrees. Winds never topped 10 mph. Humidity less than 50% during the day.

Today was also apparently a great day to play in the kiddie pool in your front yard.

Again, the antics on Pacific Avenue.

I heard shouts of “No! NO!!”

I looked up to see a kiddo of about 3 or 4, large water pistol aimed in my direction.

“You don’t squirt random people!!”

I had to chuckle as I pedaled away, safe and dry.

Thanks, lady, for saving me from a soaking. 🙂

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


8 thoughts on ““You don’t squirt random people!”

  1. Sounds like the perfect day for a bike ride! Good way to shake off a bad day at work too…

    It’s been humid here and tomorrow is supposed to hit 99 (this was not part of the weather arrangement I made before moving. I am protesting). I’m planning to start biking to and from the turf lab next week when the temps are back into the 80’s.

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