I love it when my Wii lies to me

wii fit ageI know the algorithm the Wii Fit program uses to calculate my Wii Fit Age from a few balance and coordination tests is utter malarkey, but it still makes me feel kinda good. For a little while. About 3 seconds.

Then I do 57 minutes of Wii calisthenics and come to the realization that I am seriously out of shape, and my core needs some real work.

How sad. My legs feel kinda wobbly, and I can hardly do even 15 situps anymore.

It’s long been a struggle of mine to do any sort of cross-training. It’s easy enough to get on a bike or tie on my running shoes and go. Even the stationary bike or dreadmill don’t seem that bad if there is a TV or internet-connected computer nearby. But strength workouts? Booooriiing! I have a really hard time getting myself to do them.

My new Juneathon goal: getting back into the “top 10” listing for all the wii exercises I try.

I even added a new category to my blog to encompass my effort: “Cross training”.

Onward to Juneathon the 5th!

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


One thought on “I love it when my Wii lies to me

  1. Oh, good on you girl! I try and fail and try and fail on the core front. Never managed to sustain any kind of exercise programme at all for that department. Running is waaay easier.Well done you!

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