Aack! I swallowed a bug!

Don’t you hate when that happens?

You’re cycling along, headed home from work on a beautiful Juneathon day, pushing the pace a little, breathing a little hard through open mouth, when WHAM! – a bug flies into your mouth and hits the back of your throat and in nearly the same instant you reflexively swallow.

Aack! Ptooey! Kak!

At least it wasn’t a June bug. I would have choked!

But, you see, I was actually being trendy. Entomophagy popup restaurants, yo.

I have practiced intentional entomophagy before. (We consume insect parts unknowingly all the time: see “commodities and defect action levels“.)

It was Halloween 2003, and I made chocolate chirp cookies for a party. I made my own dry-roasted crickets. Rather time-consuming. (For the record, oatmeal-fed crickets in chocolate chip cookies taste remarkably like walnuts.)

For the sake of having a photo in this post, and in honor of Throwback Thursday, I will post my and Bugman’s costumes that year. The theme was “dress like a movie title.”

He was “Grapes of Wrath.” I was “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”

grapes wrath killer tomato

The angry fruit couple

I am grateful to my Grapes-of-Wrathman for fixing my bike pedal so it wouldn’t click and drive me crazy on my way to/from work today.

I need to drive to work tomorrow to haul posters to an early-morning meeting, so no cycle commute. Maybe I will be able to get in a run for Day 6 of Juneathon.

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


5 thoughts on “Aack! I swallowed a bug!

  1. I always think of that song “I know an old lady who swallowed a fly…” whenever I catch a bug and dammit, it happens at least a couple of times a year. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  2. I was a tomato for Halloween two years running, and ran in the Tulsa Run Fun Run as a tomato…many people asked me if I was a Killer Tomato.

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