Pointy tortilla chips get me out the door

Yesterday, I’d decided that Juneathon the 6th would be a running day.

This afternoon was warm and muggy, and I began to have second thoughts about a run. Not long before it was time for me to head home from work, a stiff breeze delivered some cool, dry air that settled into relative calm. Perfect for running!

Still, I found it hard to get my butt off the couch once I got home.

I ‘ll just read one more news story. Oh, the cat needs attention. Aren’t there any new posts in my social media stream?

I looked across the room at Bugman, who was eating tortilla chips out of the bag while watching a cooking show. (He biked to work today. Already got his exercise in.)

“If I’m going to go for a run today, I should really get going.”

“Yep,” Bugman said.

Long pause. I wasn’t moving.

“Maybe if you point at me accusingly . . .”

Bugman interrupted his chip-bag-to-mouth trajectory to aim an index finger and a stern look in my direction. The tortilla chips clutched in his remaining fingers made the gesture rather ridiculous, and I laughed.

Laughter – just the thing I needed to propel me off the couch! Thanks, dear. (He knows me so well!)

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


2 thoughts on “Pointy tortilla chips get me out the door

  1. Those tortilla chips are a killer. Glad you passed on them and headed for the run. But that was hard. I too go through a regular battle with myself to get myself out the door and off for a run. Sometimes, just about any excuse will do.

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