My legs are TIRED

For the last several weeks, Bugman and I have pushed increasingly farther south into Banner County on our tandem training rides. There are some decent hills on Highway 71, and we’re working to prepare ourselves for our upcoming Cycle Greater Yellowstone ride. We need to be able to do 76 miles with 4,293 feet of climb on day one, followed by six more days of riding.

Today, we did 67 miles with 3,074 feet of climb. (That’s 107 kilometers, 937 meters.)

My legs are TIRED!!!

The destination on today’s ride was BeeHaven Farm and Roadside Market, which is owned by a couple of lovely people – Jennifer and Rick Rutherford. Their dog, Loki, enthusiastically greeted us and would really have liked to have shared our snack of beef jerky. Sorry, buddy.

lokiOne more photo from today’s ride before I go pass out for the evening: two pronghorn antelope does in a young cornfield (the beige blobs in the center of the green).

pronghorn in cornfield

Juneathon Day 7 is done. Zzzzzzz . . . .

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


5 thoughts on “My legs are TIRED

    • It’s a little of both, actually. It’s slower on the uphill, but faster on the downhill. It’s harder to stand and shift your weight, so it’s harder on the sit bones. I benefit from my partner’s superior fitness – if we were cycling separately, he would be way ahead of me all the time, so it makes it more fun as a shared activity. I can’t see ahead of us, so I focus on watching and communicating what’s coming up behind. I can’t steer or brake, but I can take pictures from the “backseat”. It definitely takes some getting used to!

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