Thanks, Juneathon

If not for Juneathon, I would not have gotten up off the couch after dinner this evening and gone for a walk.

I am still recovering from my long bike ride yesterday, and I didn’t want to do anything but loll – particularly since it’s been uncharacteristically drizzly all day.

Still, I didn’t want to miss a day without some kind of activity to report for Juneathon, so Bugman and I donned our rain jackets and paced the neighborhood, looking at the architecture and landscaping.

One home had a wispy-pink-flowering tree I had never seen before. It made me think of something from the world of Dr. Seuss.


Another home had a massive rose bush completely filling the space between the street and sidewalk, covered in pale pink blooms to an elevation of six feet.

The delicious scent of the flowers made me think of my grandma. She always had a rose in a vase on her kitchen table in the summer. She also would take frequent walks in the evening after dinner.

Evening walks – a very good habit to get into.


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Juneathon

  1. Is that a smoke bush? I think so but am out of google time! And yes, I concur on Juneathon getting us out the door more readily. But you’ve gotta have your rest days too.

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