Sunday ride to Torrington

Made it to Torrington. And back.

Done and done.


Now my legs are tired. Stairs are a challenge.

It was a lovely day to be out. Not too much of a headwind.

Kingfishers and cows. Fields of alfalfa hay.

A friend sighting or three. (Hard to tell when people give you a friendly honk but you can’t see the driver.)

A nice break for beef jerky and plums at the Lyman park.

The marshy area near “prairie dog bend” was full of wildlife. Avocets. Mallards (ducklings included). A flock of blackbirds that we flushed into a tighter and tighter bunch as they repeatedly flew and landed just far enough along the fenceline to feel safe. A couple of herons, one of which throatily protested its offense at our presence.

A field mouse that ran across the road and avoided our tires.

A successfully avoided dog incident. (Two labs and a heeler came charging into the road at us, but we stopped, dismounted (water bottles at the ready), and hollered until the owner called them back – whew!)

Laramie Peak visible in the distance over waving fields of green wheat.

A lunch break of restaurant grilled cheese sandwiches that was just like home in the respect of having the sandwiches cooked and brought to the table about 7 minutes apart. (???)

A break for raspberry ginger beer.

A tailwind on the way home when we needed it most.

Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


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