My legs still work

After that hill ride yesterday, I guess I wanted to challenge my legs to see if they still worked.

I started out with some leg exercises and then hit the two-wheeled commute.

The legs still worked!

It was a lovely day for biking – clear skies, below-average temperatures, and no wind to speak of.

This afternoon, I was touched when the museum volunteer staffing the front desk made sure to call me in my temporary office trailer to let me know that the weather radio had gone off for a severe thunderstorm watch. She knew I was on two wheels today and wanted to make sure I made it home OK. 🙂

There were no storms here, and I did make it home OK.

Well, mostly OK.

Doggone airborne pollen!

*restrains self from rubbing itchy eyes*


Copyright 2014 by Katie Bradshaw


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