I have something in common with Michelangelo’s David

The following news headline on the BBC caught my eye:

david has weak anklesHey! Me too!

Well, that’s my working hypothesis, anyway.

In 2013, when I was training for my first-and-only marathon, I kept getting knocked back by ankle pain that spontaneously appeared one day. I’ve never had an ankle injury before – never a sprain or strain – so this was a mystery.

I went to see a chiropractor, and, among other things, he recommended some exercises to address weak feet/ankles, as well as the addition of good arch support to all my shoes. (Hey! I thought only *old* people needed arch support! Wait a minute . . .)

His advice worked – I was able to complete my marathon without ankle pain.

Come 2014, I start running again in the spring season, and . . . ankle pain returns. Rats!

I’m really terrible about completing strengthening exercises. I just don’t like taking the time to do them. So I up and quit running and focused on biking instead.

I really would like to add running to my training plan again. It does a lot to help my cardiovascular fitness, and when I have volunteered at races recently, I found myself missing running – that feeling of blissful exhaustion and deep sleep after a long run, that feeling of accomplishment from finishing a race with a decent time.

I slowly started up running again, alternating running and walking every tenth to three tenths of a mile.

But the ankle pain keeps returning.

Not always from running, but from other things, too – dancing, doing a workout video, stepping sideways on a sidewalk crack.


So, I’m going to sit down and make up a chart for myself.

A chart of strengthening exercises.

Foot, ankle, hips, core.

And I’m going to do those exercises faithfully for several weeks.

If that doesn’t help, I’m going to schedule an appointment to see a doctor.

This ankle pain thing is really putting a damper on my ambulation! Grr!


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