(Unsuccessful) attack of the guineafowl

Last March, I posted about a ride in which I saw a bunch of turkeys.

This March, I had a different, and funnier, bird encounter.

Last night, Bugman and I took advantage of the warmer weather and tail-end-of-the-day sunlight to take a 15-mile round-trip ride out to a friend’s house to drop off a gift.

This friend raises alpacas.

She’s also apparently taken to collecting a few more critters around the place.

As we were leaving her place, Bugman and I had to wait for two trains to pass before we could cross the tracks from a gravel access road back to the blacktop that would take us home.

Super-dorky selfie. "Yup! That there's the second train we're waitin' on!"

Super-dorky selfie. “Yup! That there’s the second train we’re waitin’ on!”

I looked back towards the corral from which the alpaca were gawking at us and saw three guineafowl running pointedly towards us.

Bugman and I had the same first thought, “Are they hoping to be fed?”

But then the birds commenced a full-on, open-beaked squonking that could be heard over the roar of the train rattling past a few yards away.

I recalled that some people keep guineafowl as watchdogs to protect their chickens.

“They’re charging us!” I realized.

Having failed at first attempt to scare us off, the birds regrouped their phalanx and charged again, full-throated alarm call bugling across the now train-free landscape.

Bugman and I laughed at their antics.

Still, I’m glad there was a fence between us and them.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of cyclists being attacked by dogs. But guineafowl? I wonder . . .


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