Grocery cycling

The secret to grocery shopping by bike (or on foot) is: don’t use a cart.

A cart will tempt you to buy too much, or too many heavy things, and you may find you’ve purchased more than you can transport. Instead, use a hand-carry basket. If you can’t schlep it through the store, it may not fit on your bike, either.

I’m lucky to live about a mile and a half from two grocery stores – Safeway and Main Street Market. That’s a bit far to walk, but the distance makes for a quick bike trip. (If only the streets and railroad crossings to get there were more bike friendly – but that’s another story.)

In terms a bicycle parking, Safeway > Main Street Market.

The bike rack at Main Street Market was, last time I checked, located on an awkward island out in the parking lot.

At Safeway, not only do you get rock star parking right up by the door, but the bike rack is under cover, too.


I love my pannier bags.

Copyright 2015 by Katie Bradshaw


6 thoughts on “Grocery cycling

  1. I’ve found that a lot of businesses put their bike racks in very unhelpful locations, if they even have one in the first place. I think I generally locked my bike to the railing or a parking sign at Main Street Market. Probably not legal though…

    Also, where did you get your panniers? I’ve been on the lookout for a set that will hold my school bag and other school stuff. Now if only someone made giant, violin-case sized panniers I could bike every day…

  2. Maggie, sounds like you need a trailer! I’ve long had an idea, and maybe I should do it, since I have more time, to record biked racks at area businesses and rate them. The panniers I think I got at a bike shop in Iowa. They were originally Jeff’s, but then he got a new waterproof set, which he wore out. We got him another set, but he doesn’t like it, so he doesn’t use it much – and doesn’t bike much anymore.

  3. Although, it’s hard to see what material the clips are made of. The clips on my current bike are metal. I don’t think I’d trust plastic, given the loads I’ve placed on my pannier bags.

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