Women’s cycling team in Afghanistan

I was trying to find a film I wanted to watch from barely-remembered details. I searched “movie girl bicycle afghanistan.”

I found the film I was looking for – Wadjda – for which I got a remembered detail wrong. It’s a fictional story about a girl from Saudi Arabia who wants a bicycle.

SONY-WJOS-01_OnesheetJuly16_Layout 1

But my search led me to discover something else that blew me away: Afghan Cycles, which is a documentary film project about women riding bikes in Afghanistan – there is even a women’s cycling team there!

afghan cycles pic

And I think *I’m* being brave riding the rural highways in Nebraska! These women are risking their lives simply by being so bold as to buck convention to get on a bike.

I am completely blown away.

And I am most certainly supporting the Kickstarter project to help complete the film! Won’t you, too? As of 9/20/2015, it has 9 days left to raise $25,000.


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