Christmas day run

I always feel so much better about myself if I can manage to shake off the sloth of the winter holiday season with an invigorating run around the neighborhood on Christmas day.

Because I don’t so much enjoy exercise in and of itself, I need to add a little something to liven up the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other slog that running sometimes becomes.

The perfect accessories on Christmas day: a Santa or elf hat, and jingle bells.

It’s so much fun to smile and wave to the (usually motorists) we pass!

This year’s Christmas day run was a warm one, with temps maxing out near 50 degrees in central Illinois, where we were visiting family.

2015 christmas run

Thanks to “Uncle Disco” for taking our photo.

Here are a couple more memories from Christmas runs past:

2014 christmas run

Our 2014 Christmas Day run, also in central Illinois, was on another sunny 50-degree day.

2013: no run due to illness.

2012 christmas run

At home in 2012, we ran through Christmas Day temperatures in the mid teens.

2011: did the run in central Illinois in 40-degree temps, but no photographic evidence exists.


In Scottsbluff in 2010, a frosty Christmas day run in 20-degree temps, and the first year of this tradition.

Do you have a Christmas fitness tradition? I’d love to hear about it!

Copyright 2015 by Katie Bradshaw

3 thoughts on “Christmas day run

  1. One of my favorite runs ever was a Christmas Eve morning in
    SB. I took my hubby on a Tour de Childhood of sorts – we ran past my grandparents’ house, the house I grew up in, my 3 schools, my church, my favorite park. There was snow on the ground, but the day was sunny and bright and the temp was perfect. As we passed a church just west of the Junior High, the noon bells began ringing, and I think they played a Christmas song (or my imagination has created that detail, I’m not sure.) I still smile just thinking about it. I love Scottsbluff!

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