Fly6 mounting hack update

I realized I never posted an update to our Fly6 camera mounting hack failure incident.

A weldingly-gifted friend saw our post, took pity on us, and, in exchange for a book, created a much more stable mounting hack to enable us to attach our Fly6 camera to the back of our pannier rack:


It’s a short piece of metal pipe welded to two long metal tabs. We spraypainted it black so it blends in.

Here are some close-ups of the mounting attachment to the pannier rack. We drilled two holes in the rack to accommodate the mounting screws.


Top view of Fly6 mounting hack


Bottom view of Fly6 mounting hack. (You can see the jagged metal edge of where a piece of our pannier rack broke off in our previous mounting hack attempt. This adapter conveniently blocks access to that jagged metal.)

This mount provides enough stability for us to get good video images, and it stays out of the way of our pannier bag. We sometimes have trouble with the camera rotating to one side or the other – maybe we need to clean the rubber Fly6 adapter so it’s grippier.

I think we would like our Fly6 camera a lot better if it weren’t for battery issues. Several times now, we went to use the camera and, because we’d forgotten to put it on the charger, it didn’t have enough juice to cover our ride. It takes so long to charge up, we’ve just left it behind a lot of times.

But, biking season is nearly upon us again. I guess I’ll just need to get into the habit of plugging in the camera the night before a ride.

Copyright 2016 by Katie Bradshaw


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