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Some time ago, I decided I wanted to run one full marathon in my life, and I wanted to do it at age 40, to blow a raspberry at the aging process. (Read here about how I started running in 2004, at age 30, after having not run a mile before in my life.)

As 2013 approached, my planned fitness adventure started to take on a life of its own.

Rather than run just any old 26.2-mile marathon, I decided to train for an international marathon (because I needed jetlag and culture shock to add to the challenge??). (UPDATE: 2013 Dublin Marathon is in the bag!) To get ready for the autumn full marathon, I trained for a spring half marathon (and did the fall Mustache Run), too.

In the midst of all that running was a serious amount of biking.

Some friends talked me and the spouse (AKA “Bugman”) into signing up for a bicycle tour near Yellowstone, which we rode ON A TANDEM BICYCLE to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. (My dear Bugman was also my running buddy for the marathon and half.)

We completed the 2013 Cycle Greater Yellowstone ride and had such a great time, we went back and did it again in 2014 and 2015!

Because of my bicycling advocacy, in 2015 I was appointed to the board of directors of the Nebraska Bicycling Alliance.

In 2016, I bought my first single road bike, and the adventures continue!

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