Current stats

2017 tracked activities

Miles run: 10.67 as of 4/29/17

Single road bike miles:  795.9 as of 6/8/17 (455 on Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska)

Commuter bike miles:  122.1 as of 5/28/17

Tandem bike miles: 31.6 as of 5/6/17

2016 tracked activities

Miles run: 80.88 as of 12/25/16

Single road bike miles: 597.3 as of 12/3/16

Commuter bike miles: 224.3 as of 11/30/16

Tandem miles biked: 541.8 as of 10/1/16

Cycle Greater Yellowstone 2016: about 437 miles, 16,940 feet of climb completed

2015 activities

Tandem training miles biked: 917.2 as of 8/10/2015

Other end-of-season rides: 80 miles as of 12/5/2015

Miles run: 77.7 as of 7/18/2015

Times hiked Scotts Bluff National Monument (3.1 miles with 850 ft of climb): 12 as of 6/23/2015

Commuter bike miles: 87 as of 12/25/2015

Cycle Greater Yellowstone 2015: about 376 miles (with significant climbing, but I’m not sure how much, as RunKeeper said we did more climbing in a single day than if we were to go straight up Mount Kilimanjaro. I’m going to try Strava to see if it’s any more accurate!)

2014 activities

Tandem training miles biked: 956.44 as of 9/6/14

Miles biked to work: 152.2 as of 6/11/14, then I lost track

Miles run or run-walked: 47.09 as of 12/28/14

Cycle Greater Yellowstone: about 413.5 miles (including 31,681 feet of climb! – could that be right??) in August 2014

2013 activities

Half-marathon training miles, plus the half-marathon: 157.35 as of 5/11/13 – COMPLETED!

Full marathon training miles after the half, plus the marathon: 451.26 as of 10/29/13 COMPLETED!

Continued running: 44.62 as of 11/23/13

Tandem training miles biked: 720.32 as of 8/10/13

Cycle Greater Yellowstone: 382.37 miles (including 11,855 feet of climb!)  in August 2013


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