Top 10 Reasons to Preorder a Nebraska Bike The Good Life License Plate

nebraska license plate

In January, the Nebraska Bicycling Alliance launched a campaign to get a bicycle-themed “organizational” license plate design accepted by the State of Nebraska. The state approved the application and proposed design, so all that’s required now is 250 pre-registrations collected by the Nebraska Bicycling Alliance. SEE HERE FOR APPLICATION INFORMATION and FAQs.

This license plate is an “organizational” plate* (like the plates for Union Pacific, Beef State, Corn, Duck Unlimited, Henry Doorly Zoo, Creighton, UNO, Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and Fire/Rescue). These plates cost an additional $70 per year, and the fees are divided between the DMV cash fund (15%) and the Highway Trust Fund (85%).

I want to encourage more Nebraska bicycling enthusiasts to pre-order their plates so we can hit the minimum and I can get my NEBIKE plates ASAP! So, I give you:


10. It makes a great gift for a bicycling enthusiast who “has it all.” You could make the payment ($75 via PayPal to Nebraska Bicycling Alliance), and your intended gift recipient could complete the paperwork to submit. (This would make a great gift-giving tradition to start on Bike to Work Day. *wink, wink*)

bike gift

9. You are a Nebraskan. Pioneers are in your cultural DNA. If you pre-order a plate, you will be one of the pioneers – the first to have Nebraska bike plates.

nebraska pioneer

8. You can help Nebraska establish a new license plate type. Even if you don’t renew the bike plate in future years, if the magic 250 minimum is reached, the option will remain available for others.


7. The new plates have a “Nebraska red” theme, unlike the standard plates that have a blue field and yellow lettering, which I keep thinking are from Michigan.

nebraska font compare

6. No Sower!!!! Uhhh . . . about that Sower . . . in person on the plates, he looks kind of like a smudge of dirt.


5. Be that reminder to other drivers that people who ride bikes also drive cars.


4. Promote a cool slogan: “Bike the Good Life.” We Nebraskans know all about the Good Life, and Nebraskans who bike know how biking contributes.

584354 KS-I680

3. Help promote the Nebraska Bicycling Alliance. The organization’s website is listed on the plate:

NeBA logo

2. Pay an extra $70 bucks a year to the DMV, to gain more ammo to blow up the canard about road user fees. (You know the one.)


1. Get Nebraska into the majority of states that now offer bicycle-themed license plates. Nebraska needs to be on this list!

state bike license plates A thru L

state bike license plates M thru S

state bike license plates T thru W

What are you waiting for? Your current plate to expire?

Don’t wait! You need to get your application in now, or the new bike plates won’t be available when your renewal is up.

If you wind up getting the new bike plates midstream in your registration, you can turn in your old plates to get a refund on the remaining registration fee.

Don’t delay – complete your Bike The Good Life license plate application today!

*Nebraska also has “specialty” plates, some of which cost the same as regular plates, some more, some that contribute a small amount of money to special causes. These plates require an act of the legislature to establish (e.g., mountain lion / conservation, Huskers, Nebraska Sesquicentennial, breast cancer, and, soon, “choose life”.)

Copyright 2017 by Katie Bradshaw, except images